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Professor Marco Ruggiero’s Existential Virology

Ecce l’articolo tradotto in Italiano In a press release on December 20, 2010, Rethinking AIDS (RA) president David Crowe announced the latest and perhaps most prominent recent addition to his Board of Directors: In other news Rethinking AIDS has added a new member to their board of directors, Dr. Marco Ruggiero, a board-certified medical doctor [...]

The Perth Group ask: ‘Is the dissident science “highly questionable”, “embarrassing” and “damaging”?’

Dear All The Perth Group have just published a new article: ‘Is the dissident science “highly questionable”, “embarrassing” and “damaging”?’ It’s online at http://www.tig.org.za/EPE_SEP14.pdf. It includes a close look at the science and the ethics of Etienne de Harven and Henry Bauer. Concerning Bauer’s science and ethics, two other pieces just published at http://www.tig.org.za/RA.htm may [...]

Introducing Anthony Brink’s ‘History of Rethinking AIDS’

The “HIV” Symposium was conceived and born partly as an answer to the politics of the Rethinking AIDS organization (RA). We will therefore begin by recommending Anthony Brink’s newly published six-part series about RA, its history, its Board of Directors and its  politics. In the first three parts Brink gives us new insight into one [...]