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Rethinking AIDS’s Politically Correct Eureka Moment

This is part II of  an examination of Rethinking AIDS’s politically motivated censorship of the Perth Group’s Toxic Semen theory of AIDS. In part I we showed how “strategic blunders”, unpopular or politically incorrect  (according to David Crowe’s understanding of political correctness) theories and their originators get censored in the Rethinking AIDS forum. Here we present a [...]

Is David Crowe working against The Perth Group because of their Beliefs about Semen?

The debate is over whether we should strive to evict or eliminate dissidents with whom we have some disagreements with. Do I strive to have Duesberg removed from RA because he believes in a passenger virus? Do I work against the Perth Group because of their beliefs about semen? (Crowe to Eugene Semon 9 August [...]

Trojan Horse from Tanzania

We have repeatedly criticised the “Trojan Horse” strategy of Profs. Bauer and Ruggiero for being ultimately self-contradictory, thereby running an unnecessary risk of being ultimately self-defeating. The last time we did so was in The End of Dissent. However, we recently came across another kind of Trojan horse presented by a team of researchers from Tanzania [...]

The End of Dissent: Sincere Congratulations, a Long Overdue Answer and a Cautionary Tale for the Benefit of Profs. Ruggiero and Bauer

On his personal website, Rethinking AIDS president, David Crowe, has published a comment attributed to Prof. Marco Ruggiero (we do suspect it received a “light edit” by Crowe), aptly headlined Firenze 2011, The End of Dissent. It details the encouraging news that several (not so) dissenting papers were accepted for presentation at the Italian Conference on AIDS and Retroviruses. The [...]

HIV Generation X Heralded by Luc Montagnier and Hans Gelderblom?

As we were reminded not long ago by Prof. Marco Ruggiero, virology is a blessedly rule-free science, and HIV has come to define and redefine this rulelessness as it gathers to itself every arcane power ever attributed to any virus of any class in the service of novel teleologies. In the following we will look at [...]

Bauer’s Continuing War

Since Bauer’s War was published, Prof Bauer has delivered yet another blow, from the safety of his heavily moderated blog, in the disinformation campaign he and Rethinking AIDS president, David Crowe, are waging against the Perth Group and their sympathizers. It is symptomatic of the corruption wrought by the infection of politics and ambition on [...]

Bauer’s War

Prof. Henry Bauer has been the most consistent and most prolific opponent of the Perth Group’s position that healthy scientific debate of the missing virus problem should be a top priority for Rethinking AIDS. Ever since he published his book and joined the RA Board, his attacks on the Perth Group have been relentless. Amid [...]

Professor Marco Ruggiero’s Existential Virology

Ecce l’articolo tradotto in Italiano In a press release on December 20, 2010, Rethinking AIDS (RA) president David Crowe announced the latest and perhaps most prominent recent addition to his Board of Directors: In other news Rethinking AIDS has added a new member to their board of directors, Dr. Marco Ruggiero, a board-certified medical doctor [...]

The Perth Group ask: ‘Is the dissident science “highly questionable”, “embarrassing” and “damaging”?’

Dear All The Perth Group have just published a new article: ‘Is the dissident science “highly questionable”, “embarrassing” and “damaging”?’ It’s online at http://www.tig.org.za/EPE_SEP14.pdf. It includes a close look at the science and the ethics of Etienne de Harven and Henry Bauer. Concerning Bauer’s science and ethics, two other pieces just published at http://www.tig.org.za/RA.htm may [...]

Introducing Anthony Brink’s ‘History of Rethinking AIDS’

The “HIV” Symposium was conceived and born partly as an answer to the politics of the Rethinking AIDS organization (RA). We will therefore begin by recommending Anthony Brink’s newly published six-part series about RA, its history, its Board of Directors and its  politics. In the first three parts Brink gives us new insight into one [...]

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