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The HIV Puzzle

In response to the latest developments in HIV/AIDS dissidence the Perth Group has distributed the following document, full of the original in-depth analysis one has come to expect from them – and only them – among dissidents. Claus Jensen   The HIV Puzzle   I. What is being measured? We all agree there is a [...]

Wesolowski et al: Fraudulent “HIV” Study Confirms Difference between True and False Positive is a Matter of Quantity not Infection with a Unique Retrovirus

He aquí la traducción al español de este artículo: The observation originally made by the Perth Group that HIV has never been isolated, and that the existence of HIV therefore is in doubt predicts that the HIV tests are not specific to a unique viral entity. In The Circular Reasoning Scandal of HIV Testing, an [...]

Nonsense, Insults and Slander: Prof. de Harven Denies Charges of Plagiarism

De Harven did everything possible to indoctrinate people that he has done a great work in the past and now both Duesberg and the PG are wrong and only he is the greatest scientist.  The problem is that in the past the only thing he did was to contribute to messing up cancer research and [...]

Professor Etienne de Harven: First among Plagiarists

We have talked often enough about the blatant plagiarism and history re-writing that seems to be Rethinking AIDS’s most important function these days, but among all the unabashed reinventors of the wheel that constitute its active board members Prof. Etienne de Harven deserves special distinction as indisputably the first among equals. His claim to originality [...]

PubMed-Bagging with Bauer and Ruggiero

  [T]he Organizing Committee deserves a substantial credit for having accepted Rethinking AIDS as a legitimate association involved in the fight against AIDS. In fact, the Organization accepted the Italian member of the board of directors of Rethinking AIDS, Prof. Marco Ruggiero, as a qualified representative of the HIV/AIDS community and granted him free registration [...]

Discrepancy between Gender-Specific HIV Prevalence and Gender-Specific AIDS Mortality in South African Statistics disprove HIV > AIDS Theory (Duesberg vs. Chigwedere Part IV)

When Duesberg’s answer to  Chigwedere et al Estimating the Lost Benefits of Antiretroviral Drug Use in South Africa appeared in Medical Hypotheses we published  three critical analyses, one of Duesberg et al, one examining the calculations behind Chigwedere’s ARV treatment benefit estimate and one analysis of the evidence for a steep rise in child mortality caused by a [...]

Lessons in Dissent

Revolution is not a dinner party, not an essay, nor a painting, nor a piece of embroidery; it cannot be advanced softly, gradually, carefully, considerately, respectfully, politely, plainly and modestly. – Mao Tse-Tung One of the biggest problems with HIV/AIDS dissidence is that many who call themselves dissidents, including many who would like to believe they are [...]

Rethinking AIDS 2011: HIV Causes AIDS

One of Rethinking AIDS’s greatest conceits is that it is a harmoniously functioning market place of ideas where a multiplicity of individual voices is allowed to be heard. President David Crowe decribes it as a forum where scientists can express their opinions and contrasts it with the scientific tyranny the Perth Group wants to impose on all dissidents, although by [...]

Why come to a Rethinking AIDS Conference or Didn’t Terry Michael get the Memo?

David Crowe’s latest discovery, Terry Michael, whom he brought in as co-host on his “How Positive are You” radio show has dissociated himself, or withdrawn his “participation and support” as he puts it, from Rethinking AIDS 2011 conference (As the second last line in the quotation shows, he is in fact dissociating from Rethinking AIDS altogether, and he is [...]

The Potemkin Defence of Duesberg: Rescuing the Passenger Virus with the Missing Virus

According to the neo-Duesbergians in control of Rethinking AIDS, it’s strategically savvy to argue the scientifically flawed Passenger Virus theory because the important thing is to show that HIV doesn’t cause AIDS and the path of least resistance, so the argument goes, is the least radical counter to the orthodox HIV > AIDS theory. In particular David Crowe and Henry Bauer have argued [...]

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