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Archive for December, 2011

Professor Etienne de Harven: First among Plagiarists

We have talked often enough about the blatant plagiarism and history re-writing that seems to be Rethinking AIDS’s most important function these days, but among all the unabashed reinventors of the wheel that constitute its active board members Prof. Etienne de Harven deserves special distinction as indisputably the first among equals. His claim to originality [...]

PubMed-Bagging with Bauer and Ruggiero

  [T]he Organizing Committee deserves a substantial credit for having accepted Rethinking AIDS as a legitimate association involved in the fight against AIDS. In fact, the Organization accepted the Italian member of the board of directors of Rethinking AIDS, Prof. Marco Ruggiero, as a qualified representative of the HIV/AIDS community and granted him free registration [...]