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Why come to a Rethinking AIDS Conference or Didn’t Terry Michael get the Memo?

David Crowe’s latest discovery, Terry Michael, whom he brought in as co-host on his “How Positive are You” radio show has dissociated himself, or withdrawn his “participation and support” as he puts it, from Rethinking AIDS 2011 conference (As the second last line in the quotation shows, he is in fact dissociating from Rethinking AIDS altogether, and he is no longer co-hosting Crowe’s radio show.) The pattern is familiar, it happened last to Janine Roberts, if you assert yourself or stand on any kind of principle you will be labeled “uncooperative” by the Rethinking AIDS inner circle and your RA privileges will be revoked. Terry Michael:      

September 12, 2011

RA Board and other rethinkers:

Due to an irreconcilable difference with the other two organizers of RA2011, I am withdrawing my participation in, and my support for RA2011.

David Crowe and Siggi Duesberg seem to think the conference should be another effort at rethinkers talking to each other.  From the beginning, I promoted the mission of this conference as an outreach to the victims of HIV=AIDS–gay men, Africans and African Americans–who are not even represented on the RA Board. I urged that it be held in the epicenter of the HIV=AIDS myth, Washington, DC, with our large number of gay men and African Americans, and in the city that will be the venue seven months later for the International AIDS Society 2012 AIDS-fest conference of 15,000-20,000 cult members in Washington, DC.  I urged that the conference begin on World AIDS Day as a way to facilitate some kind of media attention for our effort.

I have spent countless hours in planning for the conference, beginning with visits to a half-dozen possible hotels ten months ago, including the one we eventually contracted with.  Though I have no personal wealth, I committed to $2000 in donations to RA, $1,250 of which I have donated, including paying the $150 registration fee.

The only thing I asked was to be able to do a two-hour special seminar for local people. This was after David and Siggi refused to even consider allowing local people to observe the conference without paying the steep registration fee.  The local attendees would be gay men and African Americans who have never heard of opposition to HIV=AIDS; just people who I would persuade to open their minds to hearing us.

I also recently urged that a student, young adult or low income special registration fee be offered, but again, Mr. Crowe and Ms. Duesberg just dismissed the idea.

And now, I understand that David is trashing me as uncooperative, trivializing my efforts.  It is correct that I am insisting on starting my seminar no earlier than 3:30 pm on World AIDS Day. It is an absolute fabrication that I EVER agreed to starting at 1 p.m.  I told David and Siggi a long time ago that my best guess is that the AIDS Industry here will be doing another free AIDS Day luncheon for members of the local Industry, and I wanted my seminar at the end of the day. To begin at 1 pm or 2 pm would mean local people would have to take off their entire afternoons from work.  I reluctantly agreed to 3 p.m. as a start time, and then Siggi and David arbitrarily demanded that I start at 2 pm.  I suggested that the conference start at 6:30 pm instead of 6 pm so I could start later. All of that was rejected by them–reflecting their lack of commitment to making this conference an outreach to the community of victims of HIV=AIDS.  And, RA Board members will recall the doom-and-gloom report that Ms. Duesberg gave in the last RA Board conference call, with an incredibly negative attitude toward the success of the conference.

I will continue to research and write about the HIV=AIDS myth, but I will do that independently from Rethinking AIDS.

I thank you all for your efforts at ending the psychological terrorism and the drug poisoning of the HIV=AIDS myth.

–Terry Michael

Terry Michael confirms what we have shown again and again here on the Symposium and on TIG’s Rethinking AIDS page, that regardless of what altruistic motives the individual rethinker may have, the Rethinking AIDS entity and its annual conventions, like all things political, are nothing but vehicles for furthering personal ambition and sharing that feel-good vibe the privileged seem to crave.  This is the annual cleansing ritual where the plight of the excluded poor and African AZT babies is lamented by the self-satisfied in a cozy setting before an admiring,  like-minded audience on a full stomach - briefly before the after-party hobnobbing. Such is the nature of the political beast, but maybe you shouldn’t take our word for it, since we haven’t been there. Let the next Rethinking AIDS president Henry Bauer himself tell you what Terry Michael apparently hasn’t understood, just  how far such an event is removed from any concern other than elite recreation and self-congratulation, in his aptly titled blog post “Why come to a Rethinking AIDS Conference” :

Those of us who have belonged to professional organizations or academic associations or recreational groups featuring competitions like bridge or chess know how rewarding as well as enjoyable conferences can be —not so much because of the formal program or competition, but because of the opportunity to make new friends and to learn informally and person-to-person about all sorts of things that we didn’t even know existed to be learned about.
The first Rethinking AIDS Conference in Oakland in 2009  exemplified those delights. Over the years (>50!!) I’ve attended innumerable conferences of various sorts: academic, professional, or scholarly conferences in electrochemistry and in science & technology studies (STS); tournaments of bridge and chess; meetings of the National Association of Scholars, and of the Society for Scientific Exploration; International Science Conferences sponsored by the Unification Church; get-togethers of very specialized fan clubs interested in Loch Ness monsters or UFOs. No doubt others as well. A general conclusion, which is shared by all the people with whom I’ve talked about this, is that the most rewarding and enjoyable meetings are those that bring together people with the greatest diversity of backgrounds who happen nevertheless to share a passionate interest in the meeting’s particular focus. That’s exactly what I experienced at Rethinking AIDS 2009 in Oakland, and it’s why I wrote that somewhat over-the-top paean to the Conference  on my blog.
The Science and AIDS Conference in Vienna in 2010 was equally rewarding and enjoyable, yet very different in physical ambience; and most of the participants and observers had not been at Oakland, giving me the opportunity to make new friends. (etc. etc.)

There is scant room for community outreach of the sort Terry Michael proposes at the bridge tables of the conference’s star attractions, and just as was the case with the Perth Group, Terry Michael’s dissociation has been completely blacked out in all RA-controlled media allowing this to stand uncontested as the final reason why you should come to a Rethinking AIDS conference. So enjoy and…

 Bon apetit!


3 Responses to “Why come to a Rethinking AIDS Conference or Didn’t Terry Michael get the Memo?”

  1. John McNair says:

    Good idea of Terry’s to reach out to the actual victims of the HIV/AIDS scam, the “forgotten people”. Seems not many are interested in doing this.

    • Administrator says:

      It is one of the many contradictions built into the rethinking AIDS entity, The argument against the Perth Group is that they are too elitist, too “sciency”, too top-down, not in touch with those RA want to reach. But when they finally get a guy willing to do the hard work at the one event where science and “the man on the street” can meet they blow it.

      The confencerence program now includes this, we don’t know if it was a result of the bad press Terry Michael has given them or if this compromise had already been suggested and rejected by Michael:

      Free Session

      If you know someone in the Washington DC area who could benefit from this information but might be reluctant to pay for the conference, suggest that they register for the free, two-hour, pre-conference session led by Rethinking AIDS president David Crowe, former Virginia Tech dean Dr. Henry Bauer and Nancy Turner Banks, MD.

      Event details: December 1-3, 2011 | Washington, DC | Washington Court Hotel

  2. Steve Stan says:

    Outright warfare began on the Facebook ‘Rethinking Aids’ group page two days ago when Johan Beaurain (one of the then 10 Admins) changed the text of the FB group’s purpose to encompass the goal of challenging the existence of ‘HIV’ itself and as the sole cause of AIDS, and pointing to the work of the Perth Group. The text also pointed to the links to other ‘rethinking’ groups with a warning about the ‘Harmless Passenger Virus’ theory of Duesberg and pointing out this was not accepted by most dissidents. It also pointed to the TIG site history of the disputes between the Crowe ‘RA Group’ and Perth’s disassociation from it. Links of course also led to Anthony Brink’s ‘History of RA’ and to Perth’s explanation of Mbeki’s position vis ‘HIV’ and AIDS.
    This group description was subsequently amended by another RA FB group page Admin, the awful Gilles St Pierre, to remove references to the PG’s disassociation from RA and remove references to the discredited Duesberg position altogether. But it did still at least link to TIG, Perth Group and Perth’s predominant position in scientific dissidence.
    There followed much debate about the total ‘independence’ of the Facebook RA Group page from the Crowe outfit (even though Crowe, Bauer and De Harven were listed among the Admins) and even Crowe and his placeman St Pierre continued to allude to this.

    This was Gilles St Pierre’s statement of purpose that still at least can be seen on the wall:

    “Gilles St-Pierre changed the group description to ““Strange as it may seem, given what our friends tell us about the Virus everyday, nobody has seen it, including our friends. Nobody knows what it looks like. Nobody knows how it behaves. Everybody acts on the basis of a series of hypotheses about the Virus, which are presumed to be facts, supposedly authenticated by ‘clinical evidence’.

    Those who have imbibed the faith that millions of us are infected by a deadly HI virus will disbelieve the assertion that the work of isolating our unique HI Virus has not been done. The omnipotent apparatus will scream loudly that the telling of this truth constitutes the very heart of the criminal non-conformity that must be denounced and repressed by all means and at all costs.

    Rather than perpetuate our self-repression, it is time that we demanded that the necessary scientific work be done to isolate and analyse the Virus that is said to be so deadly.”

    Thabo Mbeki, then President of South Africa, in “Castro Hlongwane” 2002

    The Perth Group explain what President Mbeki meant:

    The Treatment Information Group website provides a comprehensive review of the research literature on the so-called ARV drugs AZT and nevirapine:

    Why have the universally acknowledged scientific leaders of the AIDS dissident movement, the Perth Group, dissociated themselves from David Crowe’s ‘Rethinking AIDS’ group, both for ‘scientific and ethical reasons’? See:



    This Facebook ‘Rethinking AIDS’ group was not created by, is not affiliated with and is not under the control of “The Rethinking AIDS group”. “.
    Monday 11.52 https://www.facebook.com/groups/RethinkingAIDS/10150357566103187/

    The above was only slightly different to Johan Beurain’s text by removing reference to the full Perth Statement concerning disassociation from RA. But retained important links and the final sentence on the RA FB Group’s ‘independence’.

    Today however, as anyone who knows Crowe would have expected, everything has changed:
    All admins to this ‘independent’ FB group were removed – except Crowe – and the group statement of purpose changed to:

    “This group is for open criticism of the HIV=AIDS=Death dogma, including whether the virus HIV even exists.

    Wideranging discussions are allowed and will only be deleted if they are seriously off-topic or contain abusive language or disclosure of personal information.

    This group uses the name “Rethinking AIDS” by permission of http://rethinkingaids.com/ but postings, even by members of the organization, are not to be taken as official pronouncements of the organization. Criticism of the organization is specifically permitted as long as it does not violate the rules of the group.

    Major changes to this group, such as changes to this statement or addition or removal of an administrator, will be by a 2/3 vote of the administrators.”

    As you can see, all links to any group other than Crowe’s RA outfit were removed, rules put in place to remove any real ‘independent’ thought or action, and censorship is now rife. The statement that the FB group was ‘independent’ has totally disappeared and Crowe has referred to ‘copyright’ issues making ‘attacks on the RA Organisation unacceptable’. Many posts have been rapidly removed by Crowe and his new team of Admins – 4 of which including himself are ‘RA’ place people:
    Gilles St Pierre
    Martin Barnes
    Gos Blank (publicly admits to being Charles Rich, and is also an ‘absent’ Moderator of the Questioning Aids website, though hasn’t posted there in over a month – he has been in dispute with other Mods about censorship of posters he doesn’t agree with. Rod Knoll will know all about ‘Gos’ and his fetish for long-winded posts about everything and anything and his dislike of those who disagree with him)

    As a sop Crowe has added ‘Manny El Dino’ as an Admin – nice guy, everyone likes him but an affected person who avoids any discussion of the divisions in the dissident community and will not challenge Crowe.
    Crowe has also added Joan Shenton as an Admin but since she appears almost never to have contributed to the RA FB group, and is a favored speaker at the upcoming RA2011 conference and has never challenged Crowe in the past, it is unlikely she will do anything, or have the votes to achieve anything against the will of the cell phone salesman.
    So far, poor old Johan Beurain is absent as an Admin, and his original change to the FB Group’s statement of purpose has disappeared.

    Crowe has therefore taken back control of the ‘independent’ RA FB group despite raging threads that have been challenging him, and a thread that informed people about Terry Michael’s disassociation from RA, Crowe and the upcoming conference.
    Whether that conference will now take place could be in doubt due to alleged ‘very low’ registrations.

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