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Archive for September, 2011

Why come to a Rethinking AIDS Conference or Didn’t Terry Michael get the Memo?

David Crowe’s latest discovery, Terry Michael, whom he brought in as co-host on his “How Positive are You” radio show has dissociated himself, or withdrawn his “participation and support” as he puts it, from Rethinking AIDS 2011 conference (As the second last line in the quotation shows, he is in fact dissociating from Rethinking AIDS altogether, and he is [...]

The Potemkin Defence of Duesberg: Rescuing the Passenger Virus with the Missing Virus

According to the neo-Duesbergians in control of Rethinking AIDS, it’s strategically savvy to argue the scientifically flawed Passenger Virus theory because the important thing is to show that HIV doesn’t cause AIDS and the path of least resistance, so the argument goes, is the least radical counter to the orthodox HIV > AIDS theory. In particular David Crowe and Henry Bauer have argued [...]

Rethinking AIDS’s Politically Correct Eureka Moment

This is part II of  an examination of Rethinking AIDS’s politically motivated censorship of the Perth Group’s Toxic Semen theory of AIDS. In part I we showed how “strategic blunders”, unpopular or politically incorrect  (according to David Crowe’s understanding of political correctness) theories and their originators get censored in the Rethinking AIDS forum. Here we present a [...]

Is David Crowe working against The Perth Group because of their Beliefs about Semen?

The debate is over whether we should strive to evict or eliminate dissidents with whom we have some disagreements with. Do I strive to have Duesberg removed from RA because he believes in a passenger virus? Do I work against the Perth Group because of their beliefs about semen? (Crowe to Eugene Semon 9 August [...]