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Archive for April, 2011

The End of Dissent: Sincere Congratulations, a Long Overdue Answer and a Cautionary Tale for the Benefit of Profs. Ruggiero and Bauer

On his personal website, Rethinking AIDS president, David Crowe, has published a comment attributed to Prof. Marco Ruggiero (we do suspect it received a “light edit” by Crowe), aptly headlined Firenze 2011, The End of Dissent. It details the encouraging news that several (not so) dissenting papers were accepted for presentation at the Italian Conference on AIDS and Retroviruses. The [...]

HIV Generation X Heralded by Luc Montagnier and Hans Gelderblom?

As we were reminded not long ago by Prof. Marco Ruggiero, virology is a blessedly rule-free science, and HIV has come to define and redefine this rulelessness as it gathers to itself every arcane power ever attributed to any virus of any class in the service of novel teleologies. In the following we will look at [...]